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Middle Leadership: Principles for Success

(Make it easier to do the best job)

Leadership / Subject Leadership


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Delivered by Paul Carlile

Next Session Starts 17th July 2018

1:30pm - 4:30pm

Places Available: 17

Session 1 - Thursday 14th June 2018 1.30pm-4.30pm

Session 2 - Wednesday 27th June 2018 1.30pm-4.30pm

Session 3 - Tuesday 17th July 2018 1.30pm-4.30pm

Aim: Enable Middle Leaders develop Core Principles to underpin their decision making: Improve effectiveness, join satisfaction and impact on the school community 


A unique opportunity to explore and develop, with like-minded professionals, core leadership principles to underpin all aspects of your leadership - test out in everyday practice and share learning within a confidential forum

Principles serve as the foundation for behaviour - The right principles help create, with consistancy, methods and practice to get any job done effectively. Everyday we are faced with a blizzard of situations we must respond to - without principles to guide our decision making we can be forced to react. We make better, more impactful, decisions far quicker and consistently with principles that can clearly be explained to others

- What's your decision making criteria when facing the hard facts?

- How effective is the criteria you use

- If you are looking to enhance your leadership - join us- or enquire for more

Programme structure and content

An extended study period consisting of three taught sessions and an on-going action research component related to specific and relevant leadership tasks.

Session Focus

- The 'how' of creating and owning your LeadershipPrinciples: So...

- Their clarity and logic can easily be assessed, and you and others can see if you walk the talk

- Your decision making consistently supports the ambitions of the school community

- Your confidence to deliver what is expected in the service of others and the school community flourishes

- You finish the day knowing where you've stuck to your principlexss + you've done the best job possible

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