Alison Aherne - Interview


HCTS provides a network of support for me as a teacher.  It has made me realise that it is not about having “experts”  but that we all have strengths to share and areas to develop.  There have been times when I have attended network meetings and made furious notes on things to try and times when I have been stood at the front delivering training about how to develop early years provision. 



Now I think about it quite a bit.  I have been involved in HCTS since conception I had responsibility for writing the application form.  Of course I didn’t work alone It needed lots of input from Headteachers and partners and that is what has always been the success  of HCTS - collaboration. At first I was responsible for the CPD and leadership programmes. I became a facilitator for National professional qualifications in middle and senior leaders; along with my partner in crime phil we delivered a number of programmes.  It is always good to see teachers who have been on these programmes make progress and advance in their career.  I also organised and set up HCTS to become an NQT appropriate body alongside delivering some of the NQT training. 

I have really enjoyed sharing experience and practice in Early years through the network groups and delving training myself.  I feel very strongly that training delivered by those currently in practice is very important. Llearning from others currently doing the job is what works for me.  

Currently I am the Director for Hull SCITT which evolved from the successful school direct programme led by HCTS.  Although I miss being in school as a teacher I am enjoying seeing our trainees progress and develop their potential as teachers. 

I still try to attend network meetings the early years network has grown significantly and Anna and Melissa the facilitators create an engaging atmosphere.  I attended the Geography group last term, just to try something new and again was impressed by the ideas shared and the number of schools represented across the alliance.  There is always something that you can attend  to make you think and reflect on practice.  



Of course the new website - it really did need an update!  Also seeing many of our current SCITT trainees reappear as NQTs next year!! 



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