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The re-opening of schools following lockdown is a daunting prospect for our newest entrants to the profession.  HCTS offers a bespoke and responsive programme newly designed for 2020 to take into account this unprecedented siutation.

Our unique group training combined with smaller tutorial support recognises that NQTs, RQTs and those entering their third year have missed key elements of training.  Providing pastoral and emotional support to teachers, addressing gaps in pedagogical and subject knowledge and offering practical tried and tested approaches to behaviour management is central to all the programme, taking into account the new guidelines from the Early Careers Framework.  Additional mentor training and support has been built into our 2020/21 offer, taking into account the increased demonds on their roles.





All NQTs must be registered with an appropriate body who is responsible for quality assuring the NQT induction process.  


In line with the statutory duties, HCTS will;


- provide, collate and submit all appropriate assessment documentation

- provide a named contact at HCTS admin support:

- provide a named contact for NQT/induction support - Lesley Stocks

- keep schools up to date and informed of changes to legislation

- mentor training, induction event and termly support for mentors and NQTs

- swift, personalised support by experienced teachers 



For more information about the HCTS Appropriate Body Offer, please click here


NQT Induction documentation and resources can be found at the bottom of this page





Our NQT programme is flexible to accommodaate changes to circumstances throughout the year.  Recognising our new entrants need time in the classroom, the autumn term training is school based with short, regular Zoon contact and training sessions that support and guide NQTs through the crucialo first few months.  The focus being upon;


- NQT emotional and well-being support, offering a strong network of experienced teachers, leaders and peers

- Individual support and training from mentors

- A programme that covers the key elements of the Teaching Standards in line with the Early Career Framework Guidance


The format of training is replicated throughout the year based upon the latest research models.  As social distancing relaxes and NQT school-based experience increases, it is anticipated the face to face element will be introduced later in the academic year.  Each cycle will begin with interactive training sessions, followed by directed gap tasks, reflection and evaluation in smaller group tutorials.


To book your place on this programme, please click on this link and follow booking instructions


Autumn 1


Session 1: Supporting Children's Emotional Well-being

Wednesday 16th September 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Wednesday 23rd September 2020 (3.45pm)


Session 2: Behaviour Strategies & Classroom Management

Wednesday 14th October 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Will follow this training session


Autumn 2


Session 3: Planning for Progress - Addressing Gaps in Maths

Tuesday 17th November 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Wednesday 25th November 2020 (3.45pm)


Session 4: Planning for Progress - Developing Reading Fluency

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Tuesday 8th December 2020 (3.45pm)


Spring 1


Session 5: Discussing key issues for NQTs and key areas of support/training needed

Wednesday 20th January 2021 


Session 6: Assessment and being responsible for individuals making progress

Wednesday 27th January 2021 

Tutorials: Wednesday 3rd February 2021 




Summer 2021*


Dates to be confirmed

The summer term will focus on:

- Continued emotional well-being support (including a session for mentors)

- Eliminating gaps in knowledge

- Transition

- Wider curriculum subjects

- Report writing guidance

- An introduction to subject leadership


The final session will be a joint NQT/RQT conference delivered by a nationally recognised speaker 

* If a training session is to take place face to face, venues will be confirmed in advance


Programme cost - £500 plus VAT





 Our RQT Programme is designed to support teachers through their second year of teaching, recognising the turbulence and disruption of the last academic year.

Building upon their knowledge, skills and experience, the carefully planned sessions follow a tried and tested format.  The first autumn half term will mirror the NQT offer at this difficult time, with a focus on emotional well-being and class management to support children in their return to full time learning.

As the year progresses, this programme is designed to build a learning network.  When face to face contact is re-introduced, the RQTs will have opportunities to work alongside Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in a range of subjects, including observing them teach.  Interactive lesson studies will focus on refining subject knowledge and securing pedagogical approaches to help RQTs develop the confidence to adapt teaching to suit individual needs.  The programme also offers access to our unique Professional Partner Programe.  This allows each RQT bespoke support from a named senior leader within our member schools.  This can be accessed throughout the year.


To book your place on this programme, please click, this link and follow the booking instructions


Session 1: Supporting Children's Emotional Well-being

Wednesday 16th September 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Wednesday 23rd September 2020 (3.45pm)


Session 2: Behaviour Strategies & Classroom Management

Wednesday 14th October 2020 (3.45pm)

Tutorials: Will follow this training session


Session 3: For RQTs Embarking on Subject Leadership Roles in Schools

Wednesday 4th November 2020 (3.45pm)



Session 4: Discussing key issues for RQTs and key areas of support/training needed

Tuesday 19th January 2021 


PLEASE NOTE: Further training will be delivered based on the feedback from the above session. We are still hoping to deliver opportunities to observe SLE/subject specialists deliver lessons in Reading, Writing and Maths (lesson studies) as soon as current restrictions allow.



Summer 2021


Dates to be confirmed

Sessions 4, 5 and 6 will be morning sessions, allowing opportunities to observe Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs) deliver lessons in Maths, Reading and Writing.

Time will be allowed for discussion before and after each lesson.


Session 6: The final session will be a joint NQT/RQT conference delivered by a nationally recognised speaker


Programme cost - £300 plus VAT




OFFER FOR 2019-20 RQTs


Teachers registered on the 2019/20 RQT Programme were unable to complete the Spring and Summer Term. 

They will be able to resume their work with SLEs as restrictions lift.

These are scheduled for the Spring and Summer Terms 2021.



NQT & RQT Resources



View our Events Page to find upcoming NQT/RQT conferences and events.