As a teaching school HCTS offer school to school support undertaken by our National and Local leaders of Education and Governance and our Specialist Leaders of Education. (Click here to view their profiles).

Support is tailored to the needs of your school and has proved a highly successful and much valued part of what we offer.

Support has been wide and varied including securing whole school improvement, subject leader support, individual coaching, in-class support, bespoke whole staff support and courses.


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The environment has improved significantly.

Significant improvement in the quality of teaching and a coaching approach has given her more confidence to identify the next steps in learning. Progress for all groups of pupils has improved.

The SLE has improved teaching and also added to the capacity of the SLT to provide further support in school.

Support from the SLE was of a very high quality and evident in impact. Quality of work in books and learning has improved.

The manner in which the SLE approached the staff empowered them and enhanced their subject knowledge. As a result they are much more confident, have made significant improvements in their pedagogy and in the children’s enjoyment of mathematics.

The SSE procedures developed soon identified that the teaching of writing at the end of Key Stage 2 was a priority area for improvement and support was put in place to develop an understanding of the writing process and in particular for the most able pupils. Whilst outcomes have not yet been submitted the school is part of the LA’s moderation process and evidence in books demonstrates significant progress in standards and in the use and response to developmental feedback.


“Subject leaders now have tools they need to facilitate change they need in their own subjects.”

“Many thanks to all your team – we cannot fault the support we have had.”


Bringing together expertise from Hull, the region and across the UK.


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