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Mindfulness for Pupils - (AAS5)

Please note-this training is only suitable for staff who have attended AAS3 & AAS4


Member Price: £50.00 + VAT

Non Member Price: £62.50 + VAT

(Prices are quoted excluding VAT)

Delivered by Susan Lofthouse (MBPsS)

Next Session Starts 24th January 2019

9:00am - 11:00am

Places Available: 29

Course Outline

- Preamble for staff: Review of The Human Brain

- Minfdulness Lessons for Pupils

  1. Your brain anf the core practice

  2. Brain structure and growth

  3. Brain chemistry

  4. Self-Management

  5. Positive Relationships

  6. Everyday mindfulness

- Signposting and links to support ongoing practice

Outcomes for Children

- To experience a mindful core practice, and mindfulness lessons in school

- To gain an understanding of the human brain relating to mindfulness practice

- To begin to recognise and manage emotions

- To develop your own everyday mindful practice

- Enjoyment of a healthier, happier life

Outcomes for staff

- To further develop an understanding of the mindfulness theory and practice 

- To experience some mindfulness lessons to use with your pupils

- To be able to lead mindfulness practices with your pupils

- To be able to demonstrate the link between mindful practice and brain science


AAS5 Mindfulness for Pupils is for school staff working with pupils at KS1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

 Please note that the following cancellation charges apply to all HCTS courses:

up to 48 hours - no refund - full cost of course will be charged

between 2 - 7 days -  50% of cost will be charged

 8 days or more - no charge



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